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"Own World (20 Pages)" is a masterful tapestry of musical innovation. Roman. charts his own course, eschewing predictable structures and genre norms. Instead, he refines his songwriting, distilling it to its most authentic essence. Each track is a distinct universe; the album's diversity keeps listeners on their toes, eagerly anticipating the next sonic adventure. It's the kind of collection where every song seems destined for widespread acclaim and streaming dominance. The album's coherence, despite its varied influences, speaks volumes of Roman.'s meticulous craftsmanship. Delving into its layers, one marvels at the intricacies— from the genre transitions and vocal versatility to the profound lyrical depth. It's evident that this masterpiece was not a fleeting inspiration, but a concept long simmering in Roman.'s creative cauldron. "Own World (20 Pages)" is not just an album; it's a revelation in musical storytelling. -Performers on the Go, LLC

Enter the world of Roman. (artist name for Thomas Foschino) as we dive into his 12-track debut album, Own World (20 Pages), which is a musically varied collection of tracks that covers rap, hip-hop, both modern and old-school pop, alternative rock, and lo-fi music genres. Beautiful pop melodies and expertly crafted rhyme schemes create the binding of this emotional, heartfelt, and honest music story delving into loss, love, self-reflection, life's transitions, new explorations and more. In a way, the album title, Own World (20 Pages), is quite fitting for this collection of tracks, as it is extremely easy to see each track as its own unique page/entity, which makes for a listening experience that continues to intrigue. Roman. recently celebrated his album release with a debut event at Hamilton Restaurant & Bar in Brookline, MA, surrounded by Boston friends, fans and classmates.




The album kicks off strongly and grabs interest immediately, nailing modern production and songwriting values. Its genre is an extremely melodic spin on hip-hop, and then brings in a pleasant surprise with pop tracks, successfully bridging both audiences. Starting with the title track, “20 Pages”, which is the shortest track on the album at exactly two minutes, the listener is immediately met with a smooth melodic hook and the relatable lyrical topic of isolation. “20 Pages” then proceeds to develop into a full-scale rap song 30 seconds in, which showcases Roman’s introspective lyrical flow and broad vocal talents. The album actually makes you feel like you are listening to many different artists, when Roman. is the vocalist singing in all songs, and has featured singers on two tracks. Through this first track, Roman. establishes his songwriting and lyrical talents, as well as his ability to pull the listener into his own world.


The second track on the album, “I Don’t Know What to Tell You”, is an incredible example of Roman’s diverse musical abilities, as this track effortlessly displays a perfect blend of pop melodies and 90's rap. While the rhyme schemes in the first track, “20 Pages” were reminiscent of artists such as Eminem, “I Don’t Know What to Tell You”, takes it back in time even further by utilizing rhyme schemes that are reminiscent of rappers such as Notorious B.I.G. and Ice Cube. “I Don’t Know What to Tell You”, is one of those tracks that feels like a love letter to the greatest rap artists of an entire generation, and could very easily help Roman. remind fans of those artists that hip-hop of that caliber is still very much alive and kicking. Roman. has a vocal style which smoothly flows at a stable pace, and never once do you miss a word throughout the 12-track experience.



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