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Original Hip Hop | Rap Artist

Session music
ian; bass, drums, guitar

Released multi-genre 12-track Album
65,000 Spotify Streams




Berklee College of Music-Graduate 2023 20
Professional Music


Roman. set his goals early on in his college years at Berklee College of Music, to produce and release and album before his senior year, and he succeeded in fulfilling his ambitious plan well ahead of plans. The 12-track album, Own World", was an exploration for Roman. to cover the many types of music he loves. Roman. said a year ago, “I’m going to make an entire album and not stop no matter what. My mission is to gain some kind of a fan base and be respected and viewed as an artist. not a drummer, rapper, guitarist, vocalist, or bassist because I’m going to do whatever I feel is fit for that specific song and that specific story to express is properly in my music.”


Thomas has been performing since he was a youngster, starting with drums and transitioning to bass, guitar, and vocals. He also performs with his brother Paul in a singer-songwriter pop duo, The Foschino Brothers. The duo performs throughout Long Island and NYC, and frequent spots like The Bitter End and local Long Island piano bars.


Now with Paul a junior and Thomas a 2023 graduate of Berklee College of Music, they have enjoyed performing at local spots in Boston including Faneuil Hall, The Middle East, Hard Rock Cafe, Nash Bar and Loretta’s Last Call. Their original music was recognized as the "Top Song" at the Hard Rock Cafe Young Performers Club Grand Finale event, and the duo were also selected as finalists.

Thomas has set high goals, and plans to work on his next album release in 2023.

Own World (20 Pages) is a stunning, multi-faceted achievement. Roman. follows his own direction and creates music that doesn’t follow any uniformity, expectation, or conventional pathway as he continues to cut extraneous elements out of his songwriting and drills closer to the core of his unique style. Every track has its own fit, and no two songs have the same vibe. It makes it a welcome experience, as you are excited to hear what follows next, and it is an album where one can confidently predict all songs will gain traction and see streaming success. This is an artist with extreme depth, and you can’t help but wonder how long this album concept has been brewing, and how his vision and strategic direction came to life so quickly, all songs fitting so perfectly together. Listeners will be enamored with the genius of it all with the genre switches to the vocal styles, to the album’s lyrical substance from start to finish.-Performers on the Go, LLC


Ranging from old-school hip hop to catchy pop to the sound of modern rock, this album has it all. The album kicks off with its title track, 20 Pages, a melodic hook that then blows into a full-blown rap song. On the next song he proceeds to mix pop melodies with old school style rap bars. With the song Rain and Snow the albums shifts to a more pop-rock sound that really highlights Roman.’s vocal abilities that continues onto the next pop/RnB style track, I Take a hint. This trend of change in sound is present throughout the album and no two songs vibe alike. He doesn’t shy away from experimenting with his sound as we see in tracks like Avenger and especially Heart of Gold where he mixes rap with jazzy guitars and denounces the notion of being labeled as just a rapper. He follows the statement with the sleek kickass alt-rock song with a soaring guitar solo, Call Me Roman. Then he proceeds to end the album the same way he started it, with the sequel to the opening track, 20 Pages Pt. 2.-Illustrate Magazine

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12 Originals; 5 solo originals-Thomas Foschino 
Debut solo album released April 2022
Lyric competition award w
65,000+ Spotify Streams | 80+ playlists

"20 Pages"
"I don't know what to tell you"
"Rain and Snow"
"Take a Hint"
"Heart of Gold"
"Call me Roman"
"20 Pages Pt. 2"

Thomas Foschino Duo
(with brother Paul)

"Bye Charlotte"
"Guy in the back of the room"
"A Call for Love"
"Don't Tell Hope Goodbye"


Hard Rock Cafe, Boston, MA

Berklee Cafe, Boston, MA

The Middle East, Cambridge, MA

Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

Loretta's Last Call, Boston, MA

Bitter End-NYC

Madison Square Garden: New York, NY
Camden Club: London, UK
The Venetian: Las Vegas, NV
BB Kings: Memphis TN
Club 152: Memphis TN

Rivershed Ciderhouse, Calverton, NY

The Snapper Inn Restaurant, Oakdale, NY

Jones Beach Boardwalk Bandshell, Wantagh, NY
Great South Bay Music Festival, Patchogue, NY
Hampton Seashell Stage: Hampton, NH
Long Island Summer Music Festival
The Paramount: Huntington NY

New York Coffee Festival, Metropolitan Pavilion 

Newstead Belmont Hill, Bermuda




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