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Roman's journey began at Berklee College of Music with a committed vision: to produce and release a comprehensive album before his senior year. Achieving this feat ahead of schedule, his 12-track album, "Own World," is a reflection of his vast musical palette.


"I've always wanted to be perceived as an artist, not confined to labels of drummer, rapper, guitarist, or vocalist. I aspire to craft each song uniquely, aligned with its intrinsic narrative," 


From an early age, Thomas showcased his passion for music. Starting with drums and then branching out to bass, guitar, and vocals, his musical prowess was evident. Alongside his brother Paul, he formed The Foschino Brothers, a pop duo that became a staple in Long Island and NYC venues like The Bitter End. Now, both siblings, with Paul as a junior and Thomas a recent graduate, are leaving their mark on Boston's music scene. Their original pieces earned them recognition as "Top Song" at the Hard Rock Cafe Young Performers Club Grand Finale, with Roman's tracks "Avenger," "Mortality," and "20 pages" earning top awards in the annual Performers on the Go, Lyric Competition.

His 12-track debut album, "Own World (20 Pages)," is a versatile mix that spans across rap, hip-hop, modern and old school pop, alternative rock, and lo-fi genres. While the album's musical range is vast, the tracks harmoniously tell honest stories of love, loss, self-reflection, life's twists, and fresh discoveries.

After an immediate introduction to the soul in Shreiner’s vocal timbre, the first single release on the album, "Mortality", picks up even more gravity when Roman.’s realism-soaked bars kick in. Instead of launching scathing attacks on the usual insidious aspects of our existence, the up-and-coming rapper kept it resonant by highlighting the flaws in the hoop-jumping music industry, in turn, he gave the promise that he will always keep it real.-A&R Factory Blog

The album kicks off strongly and grabs interest immediately, nailing modern production and songwriting values. Its genre is an extremely melodic spin on hip-hop, and then brings in a pleasant surprise with pop tracks, successfully bridging both audiences. Starting with the title track, "20 Pages", which is the shortest track on the album at exactly two minutes, the listener is immediately met with a smooth melodic hook and the relatable topic of isolation. "20 Pages" then proceeds to develop into a full-scale rap song 30 seconds in which showcases Roman's introspective lyrical flow and broad vocal talents. The album actually makes you feel like you are listening to many artists, when Roman. is the vocalist singing in all the songs, and has featured singers on two tracks. Through his first track, Roman. establishes his songwriting and lyrical talents as well as his ability to pull the listener into his own world.-The Sounds Won't Stop

First, the melodies found in the compositions are simply contagious. Second, the balance between synthesized and organic elements is balanced in a way that makes the songs sound well balanced. And lastly and thirdly, Roman is a great singer. Exploiting his voice well, he manages to fit in both the most danceable hip hop songs and the most romantic ones. See the distinctive “Rain And Snow” and “Down”, the former an all-emotive acoustic pop and the latter an extremely energetic rap/dance.-Roadie Music

Thomas has set high goals, and is already hard at work on his next album release planned for 2024.

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